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What's good promotion without a stylish look to go alongside?

One of the last things to be cut in most companies budgets is the advertising. But could your current advertising material actually be hurting profits? Here at JB Marketing we take your company, industry and most importantly target audience into account when designing any product for you. From a logo to a full event programme you can rest assured you will have the material to bring the numbers rolling in.

We make sure we take the time to get to know you as well as getting to know what you are wanting from your advert. Some companies get stuck when they want to target a new audience, they've been dealing with the same customers for so long they aren't sure how to connect with their new potential customers. That's where we can help. Why not contact us today to find out how our design services could help you!

Logo Design

Over the past couple of years we've been asked to do more and more logos. Often the customer in question won't know exactly what they want their logo to look like and opt to leave it in our capable hands.

Free of charge we will create six designs for your logo. We don't expect you to love each one.. that's the point but we give you an idea of what your new logo could look like. You can then request as many changes as you like with unlimited revisions until your happy with the end product.

Once we've finished the design of your new logo, we'll send you a high resolution copy in JPEG, PNG, PDF and EPS format so you can use wherever you like.


Adverts and Flyers

If you are a company who's customer base can be brought it off the streets then flyers could really help you out. Whether they be put up at your local bus station or sent in the local newspaper, they could really help bring in the new customers.

Flyers are often the ideal method of bringing in new customers to new businesses. Got a shop that's just opened or about to? Get the flyers out there, make your mark as you intend to go on. Having some information, offers for example to entice your customer base through the doors.

We have been designing flyers for companies over the last few years for both start up business and well established companies alike. Our design service is second to none. Once again if you're not overly sure what you want, we can come up with some different designs to best promote your company. Once you've decided which design you like the best of, you can of course request as many changes as you like to ensure that your flyer is just the way you want it. After all it's your company, your profit.

Special offers are available for all sports clubs from Tennis to Bowls, Motor Racing to Hockey. Why? Simple, because we recognise that sports clubs need all the support they can get, most are run by volunteers who work a 40 hour week whilst running the sports club as well. For what you put into the community you deserve a break and at a very low price, it can but help surely?

Adverts often have the same effect as above, but are more often used on social media, websites or newspapers. For this reason the content wants to be laid out slightly differently, clearer to read on a small phone or a small newspaper advert. If you know what size advert you're wanting to place, we will ensure that you get the best content printed in the best way with our advert design service.

So why not get your company off the ground with a design by JB Marketing? Contact us now to find out more!

Programme Design

Got an event coming up? A programme can go a long way! Whether it be a local event or one of a National scale we can accommodate for all you're looking for when it comes to the event programme. It doesn't even matter if you don't have any artwork, we can design this for you.. how good is that?!

This image shows the front cover of a 12 page programme created for the 2015 season of the Club. We worked closely with the customer to ensure that everything was just as they wanted, we designed the front cover, the inner page backgrounds and inputted all the data as sent to us. Often you can start working on the programme for your event and straight away get stuck, thinking there's so much to do, where do I start and so on. We try and take some off this pressure off. We'll ask you what you want on each page, we'll then create a checklist that yourselves and we go by to know at what stage we are at and what is left to do.

This year we also have the contract for the 2015 Ladies and Juniors National Autograss Championship. An event that sees well over 300 competitors and a couple of thousand visitors. We have designed the whole programme, page to page (with the exception of some external adverts). That's 44 pages and 1,500 copies, showing any event can be accommodated.. not to mention the fact we can take larger orders as well!

Once again, Special Offers are available for all sports Club. Contact us today to find out more!

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