Web Development

Get your company on the internet.. Get your bank balance up!

As an international marketing leading company in Web Development, we have built up a successful portfolio of websites supplied to clients in and outside of the United Kingdom. All our services are specifically taylored with your needs at the forfront of our minds and of course, the user friendliness of the services for your potential customers.

Just ten years ago, a company didn't really need the internet to be able to succeed with a large profit. However, here in 2015 the internet has taken over and has the largest influence on your potential customers than any other method of marketing, including T.V, Radio and Newspaper adverts.

If your company doesn't have a website now, then more often than nots, potential customers will not be able to find you, or quote simply won't bother.. they'll go to the company who does have a website because it's easier and less time consuming. If a potential customer cannot find your website (or you don't have one), the high majority of the time they will stop looking for you. In the same breath, they may not have ever heard of you.. appearing on Google is how they will find you!

Desktop Websites

Your website needs to set you out above the rest of your competition, and that is exactly what we can provide you. Every person that visits your website, whether they mean to or not is a potential customer and you need to grab their attention and draw them in to look further. Having a professional, sleek website is good but a website that's user friendly as well? That's great! This is why we work with you to provide you with a website that represents you the best.

We make the design and creation process as easy as possible. If you have an idea of sort of how you would like the site to look, let us know or likewise you can let us come up with a design for you for you to approve and request changes as appropriate. Once the design is approved and we have the information you'd like on the website, we offer a three day turnaround. How many other companies can boast that?!

National Autograss

We've run the sports Governing Body website since September 2010, with a new look each year.

F600 Autograss

A recent project of ours for the Governing Body of this Class with a mobile website included.

Trent Autograss Club

Take a look at the website of our longest standing client. Their 2015 website looks good both on desktop and mobile devices.

Responsive Websites

Did you know that a recent survey has shown that over 93% of adults in the UK alone have their smart phones within arms length? This makes it very easy to understand why having your website appear well on all devices, not just mobiles, can bring those extra customers through the door (so to speak) that you would have otherwise lost.

A responsive website is one that changes its own layout as the device size changes. If you look at this website on a mobile and then on a computer, you will see a clear difference.. as will your customers. A simple, clean cut mobile website is what you need and this method allows for that, as well as more information and detail on the desktop version.

Did you know that Google Search Engine also agrees with us? If you go onto Google and type in JB Marketing, you will notice under our website name there will be a little marker saying "Mobile Friendly". Now granted most people won't pay attention to this as they look through, but Google search bots do and will automatically rank the website higher in the search because of it's friendliness on mobile devices.

National Autograss

This is how this years NASA website looks on a mobile device. The menu is nicely hidden away at the top to ease confusion.

National Autograss on Google

Click the image above and it will take you to a Google search for National Autograss.. take a look what it says under the name.

Domain Creation / Registration / Hosting

In order to get your website online, you will need a domain. If you already have one, we do ask that you transfer it to our servers as it allows us to open up our services to you far easier and allows far quicker response times for maintenance.

Requesting a domain couldn't be easier, just let us know what domain you would like, we'll check it's available and if it is we can get it registered on the same day for you. Please do note that any domain can take up to 24 hours to become fully active but once it is you're away! We can upload your website within minutes of it going online and with a 99.99% uptime you can rest assured that you don't have to worry about your website "going down" as with some other hosts.

Domains are paid either annually or by-annually dependant on the TLD you select. However unlike so many other hosts, there is no monthly fee! You just pay up to £17.39 and that's it for another year or two, hassle free hosting right here.

Professional Emails

jbmarketing@hotmail.co.uk or info@jbmarketing.org.uk.. which looks better? A professional email can make the smallest of companies appear more professional and experienced. A professional email goes a long way when you're giving your details to a potential customer, on a business card for example. We offer one free professional email account with each website we create and you can choose whether to have it set up so you keep your emails in a separate account (requires loging in through your website) or you can have the emails divert to an email address of your choice. Although we do offer both options, we do advise that you have opt for the separate account without divertion as otherwise when you respond through your personal account (that the email is directed to), it will be your personal address that the customer sees as responding, not the professional email.

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